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5 Tips on on Dipers.

1. Reflect on the pros and cons of disposable training pants. These pants are essentially diapers that look like underwear. They work well and make it easier to clean up accidents, but they pretty much do the same job as diapers for as much as 15 extra cents a pop. If you do decide to use these pants as underwear, make sure your child has mastered using the toilet first. That way the pants could come in handy if your child still needs a little extra protection overnight.

2. Hunt down diaper coupons. Look for theChoose small diapers in big boxes. Opt for the smallest possible size that fits your child well, and then buy that size in a large container. More diapers will fit inside the box that way, and you’ll spend less money per diaper.

3.Cloth or disposable? This question can cause as much angst for some parents as the “paper or plastic?” question in the grocery check-out line. You could definitely save money over time by going with cloth diapers and washing them yourself. Many parents reject this route, however, citing the inconvenience involved.

4.Be open to store brands. If you, like many parents out there, decide to use disposable diapers, don’t feel compelled to buy a premium name brand. A recent Consumer Reports test revealed that store brands of disposable diapers performed exceedingly well. Costco’s “Kirkland Signature” brand and Wal-Mart’s “White Cloud” brand earned especially high marks. By going with a store brand, you can save about 10 cents a diaper, or nearly $200 a year.

5. Buy in bulk in person or online. Considering how many diapers you’re using in a given week or month, shopping in bulk really can help you save. It could be well worth the membership fee to join a warehouse club such as Costco or Sam’s Club. You also can search for diaper deals online at sites such as Amazon.com, drugstore.com and CVS.com.

How to Make a Unique 3 layers Diaper Cake

I make custom diaper cakes for the mom-to-be! These amazing cakes consist of some or all of the following: Teddy Bear, Ribbons, scrapbook baby crafts, baby girl coat, I love you Mommy Bib, pacifiers, and teether. I used hard paper for the towers and covered with Fleece blanket surrounding the castle. The teddy bear setted on the 3rd layer of the diaper cake and holding the Parent's choice Feeding Bottles. All the layers are covered the floral transparent wrapper and embossed wrapper. The cake are surrounded the artificial flowers. Approx 132 Pampers swaddlers blankie soft diapers. I came up with this for a very good friend of mine who is having a first beautiful baby girl. I want to thank you for the inspiration and ideas that I used from this wonderful blog for my neighbors, friends and loyal customers. I am REALLY REALLY had a great time made this one. It was actually much much bigger when I started and had to downsize to 132 diapers. It was the hit of the babyshower. Making these brings me such joy. It's one of my hobby and I love of what I do. It's one of my real creativity. What a great gift for the mom-to-be! My name is Marie from Fort Lauderdale,Florida. I make diaper cakes on the side as a hobby and add/on hand-made product to our small business. All my cakes was made in a pet and smoke free environment. All the diapers and towels are never used/touched during the cake assembly. Everything are BRAND NEW. I would be delighted to do a custom orders and I am very flexible on size, diaper's brand, the cake style & designs and etc. So, just let me know what type of cake you'd like me to make it and the diaper's brand. I will send you a quote and will make the cake after it has been paid for. Custom orders are extremely welcome. I can make any cake you'd like. Just email us: babypreciousmoments@yahoo.com or give us a call at 1.954.670.9445 My website is BabyPreciousMoments(dot)Org My blogger is http://corbininternational.blogspot.com/ My eCrater.com Store are: http://babypreciousmoments.ecrater.com/ http://diapercakes.ecrater.com/ My Facebook FanPage is: Baby Precious Moments Facebook FanPage My email address are: babypreciousmoments@yahoo.com and corbininternational@yahoo.com
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